Congratulations to Jed Brubaker, who was accepted as a participant in the CHI 2014 Doctoral Consortium!

The CHI 2014 Doctoral Consortium provides an opportunity for Doctoral students to explore and develop their research interests in an interdisciplinary workshop, under the guidance of a panel of distinguished researchers.

Jed also co-organized a workshop that was accepted for CHI 2014:

Baumer, E. P, Ames, M. G., Brubaker, J. R., Burrell, J., Dourish, P. (2014). Refusing, Limiting, Departing: Why We Should Study Technology Non-use. Workshop at CHI 2014 in Toronto, Canada. [ Website: ]

Most research in human-centered/social computing focuses on when and how people use technology. We argue that examining non-use – when and how people do not use technology – is equally important. Investigations of non-use have been conducted under diverse auspices by scholars who, due to their divergent interests, do not regularly interact with one another.

This workshop aims to connect these disparate research strands and construct an overarching understanding of technology non-use, drawing attention to cross-cutting questions and considering how commonalities across fields might inform one another. This workshop will draw attention to non-use as a valuable locus of inquiry in HCI. It will also foster a community of researchers, from both within and beyond the CHI community, who may not interact regularly but who may benefit theoretically, methodologically, and socially from doing so. Workshop activities will focus on discussion and agenda-setting, with the goal of collaborating on a special issue to introduce both the diversity and commonalities of scholarship on the topic to a broader audience.

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